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PSV x Philips 110-Years Kit Released

PSV x Philips 110-Years Kit Released

Dutch team PSV Eindhoven have launched a brand new shirt commemorating their 110 years of collaboration with Philips the longest-running football partnership.

The association with PSV and Philips has a long history of being very solid and the team is officially named “Philips Sport Vereniging,” that could be translated to “Philips Sports Association”. Philips are also sponsors of the shirt that is specially designed by Philips.

Philips x PSV partnership is the oldest. Philips x PSV partnership is believed to be the longest remaining active sponsor in the history of sponsorship which is a record in the world.


The jersey is PSV 23-24, 110-years Philips jersey made by Puma.

The Puma PSV Eindhoven 2023-2024 110-year old Philips shirt is red in its dominant color, with a striking pattern that’s formed by squares and stripes. It is a variation of traditional uniforms that the club has worn throughout its history.

It is also available in black. Puma PSV 2023-2024 Philips Celebration shirt is also adorned with a picture of a cat in white on the sleeves as well as on the right-hand side of the chest and the PSV badge is located on the left-hand side of its present standard edition.

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PSV x Philips Kits

The is available since 1 September 2023. Puma Philips V 2023-24 110-year-old Philips jersey costs 90 euros.

Made by Puma. What do you think of Puma’s Philips SV’s one-of-a-kind 110 years old Philips kit? Leave a comment below.

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