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Milan 125-Year Anniversary Kit Announced

Milan 125-Year Anniversary Kit Announced

The 16th of December, 2024 AC Milan will celebrate the 125th anniversary of their history.

AC Milan fans can help in the design of the celebration kit using Puma that will be worn by the men’s and Ladies’ First Teams in the period 2024-25. It will be available to fans for buy.


The main features of the Puma Milan’s 24-25-125-year commemorative shirt will be decided by the fans through 4 online votes.

The first one is about the famous Rossoneri stripes The second vote is about the iconic Rossoneri stripes, with Milan providing two choices – one that has more stripes, and the other with thin stripes.

Other components included in this Puma Milan 2024-2025 anniversary shirt to be chosen by the fans could comprise the collar, logo, and the other part of the jersey.

The Puma Milan 24-25 125th anniversary football shirt is scheduled to debut in November/December 2024, most likely just prior to the 125th anniversary celebration on the 16th of December in 2024.

Milan 100th Anniversary Kit

Puma Milan 125-Years Anniversary Kit

AC Milan are celebrating its 150th anniversary on the 16th December in 2024. The club will be presenting an anniversary shirt

The fans can create a kit to celebrate the occasion which will be used by both the AC Milan Men’s and Women’s First Teams.

People can take part in voting on the four major components that comprise the set via 4 online polls throughout the month.

The kits will be developed by Puma and will be sold to fans for purchase.

Made by Puma. Are you excited for Milan’s 125th year anniversary shirts? Let us know below.

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