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Darmstadt Massively Reduce Kids’ Shirt Prices

Darmstadt Massively Reduce Kids' Shirt Prices

SV Darmstadt, after returning to the Bundesliga today, launched an exciting promotion that will delight the club’s newest supporters.


The club has drastically reduced prices for jerseys for kids down to barely EUR30 (EUR29.98). The aim of this generous offer is to enable families to afford the jerseys of their children.

It is interesting to note that the name-flock isn’t included in the price reduction, but it cost you EUR13.50 for an individual member of the squad or EUR16.50 for a bespoke Name and Number.

BAYERN Charge […] 2.5 times as As a comparison, Bundesliga gigantics FC Bayern charge a massive EUR75 for their youngsters’ uniforms. That amounts to 2.5 times more. Dortmund’s are EUR70.

As per the team the shirts are currently offered at a cost, and do not generate any revenue.

SV Darmstadt made this announcement on their social media platforms, highlighting that it is important to allow the club’s youngest supporters to be part of celebrating the return of the club to the top division. The initiative is unique in the Bundesliga and demonstrates the dedication of the club towards its fans, and especially those who be able to purchase the piece of their favourite football team’s gear at a low cost.

Are you of the opinion that other clubs should follow in the footsteps of Darmstadt’s? We’d love to hear your ideas by leaving a comment below.

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