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AC Milan Stop Sale of Inter Milan-Colored 23-24 Champions League Collection

Latest update: AC Milan has addressed criticisms regarding the Puma 2023-2024 European collection that features the colors of their arch-rivals Inter Milan. AC Milan has stopped the sales of everything that sports the colors, which includes jackets and pre-match jerseys.

The club’s ultras as well as”Banditi Sud Milano, “Banditi Curva Sud Milano” particularly prompted the decision. T He wrote a well-liked post to social networks, urging the club to cease selling the collection in “shit color”.

AC Milan will continue to wear their pink and blue 2023-2024 third kit quite naturally. The kit has nothing to do with the two clubs Inter Milan, possibly except for the blue shorts.

Puma, a German brand of sportswear, has launched a brand-new European line to AC Milan recently. Certain items from the collection aren’t the ideal color. This was discovered by an Italian professional on football gear @football_nerds who posted the details through social media.


The Puma 23-24 European jacket that is worn before matches for AC Milan features the colors of the city’s adversaries, Inter Milan, on the left side. Its right-hand side features black and light pink. If you only look at the left side, it appears to be that of the Nerrazurri kit. The jacket was inspired by AC Milan’s fresh color-coordinated third kit. While the colors from the third kit are not akin to Inter, Puma used darker shades of color to create the jacket. This gives the appearance of being Inter’s colors.

Evolution or how it happened

Puma makes use of pink, black, and a dark royal blue to make the jacket. Two of the colors are inspired by Inter Milan

The Milan logo on the jacket is pink and white which helps make it easier to break the Nerrazurri style.

Milan 23-24 European Jacket – Mock-Up in the entire Nerrazurri

We designed a mock-up of the jacket that is pure Nerrazurri colors. It would be a great Inter Milan jacket.

No problem at all? Would Puma choose the lighter turquoise hue of blue that is featured on the jersey? Tell us by leaving a comment below.

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