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Exclusive: Real Madrid 23-24 Lifestyler Third Kit Leaked

New version: We can leak official images of the Real Madrid 2023-24 Lifestyler Jersey. It’s expected to go on sale prior to the opening of the group phase in the UEFA Champions League, which will begin on September 19, 2023. For the first time, Adidas will release a Lifestyler jersey that is not sponsored by Adidas. 2023-24 Elite team’s third football kits. The first leak is now available. Real Madrid 2023-24 Lifestyler Jersey.


Find Adidas’ Real Madrid 2023-24 Lifestyler 3 football shirt below. The Adidas Real Madrid 2023-24 Lifestyler third jersey It is an off-pitch version of the 23-24 official third jersey. Similar to the match version this version of the Adidas Madrid 2023-2024 Lifestyler third-yield jersey is predominantly black with anthracite as well as yellow.

Real Madrid 23-24 Third Kit – Replica Versions vs. Lifestyler Versions

The Adidas Real 2023-2024 third jersey has a black color base with golden yellow as the third color. It’s the same Prevolved yellow that is used in the Madrid 2023-2024 away and home kits.

If we contrast it with the standard shirt The Adidas Real Madrid CF 2023-24 Lifestyler third shirt comes with a variety of distinctions from match or regular replicas.

The first and most striking, yet not a lot of a draw The Adidas Real Madrid 23-24 Lifestyler third jersey is adorned with an “old” Adidas logo (now Adidas Sportswear) in the same shade as the jersey.

It is notable that the Madrid 23-24 Lifestyler 3rd kit does not have sponsors. Another interesting aspect is the debossed special fabric, which is designed to be inspired by animals and is like its Brazil 2022 World Cup home kit. The fabric also doesn’t have sleeves made of raglan.

Real Madrid 2023-2024 Lifestyler Third Jersey

Special retro version Madrid 23-24 3rd kit
Kit features the “old” monochrome Adidas logo – Now the “Sportswear” Logo
There are no sponsors on the shirt.
Fabric with snake-inspired designs
Different cut, no sleeves made of raglan

The Adidas Real Madrid CF 2023-2024 Lifestyler III football shirt is available for purchase starting in mid-August 2023, for 110 euros.

Do you have a view of Madrid’s Lifestyler third kit? Leave a comment below.

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