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Inter Milan 23-24 Third Kit Leaked

Inter Milan 23-24 Third Kit Leaked

Version 1.0 Update Designer rglr* Regular Design (@rglrdesign) has made a mock-up showing how it will look when the Nike Internazionale 2023-2024 third kit will look like in the authentic Dri-Fit version. Similar to all of the Nike 2023-24 Elite Team third kits, it is adorned with Nike Grind trademarks.

Change: We can leak the first image that we can see of Nike Inter 2023-24 third kit. The first picture to showcase the collar’s design that is decorated with it with the Saint George’s Cross and the Nerazzurri colors of blue and black.
Version 1.0 Update In light of our leaks, Italian Football TV have come up with an illustration of Lautaro Martinez wearing the new Nike Inter 2023-24 third kit. It is clear that it brings back nostalgia for the third Nike kit from 2000.
Inter 2023-24 3rd Kit Model by Italian Football TV, Based on exclusive Footy Headlines Leak
We have leaked the brand third kit for the Football Club Internazionale Milano third kit for the 2023-2024 season. The kit is manufactured by Nike.

InTER Milan 23-24 Third Kit

This photo shows the third jersey of the Nike Internazionale third jersey for 2023-24.
The Nike Inter Milan 23-24 third jersey has a classic and unique color scheme that is a signature of I Nerazzurri. It’s mostly orange.

Orange isn’t a brand new colour for Inter. Nike introduced orange kits for Inter in 2001-02 and 2000-01 seasons. Both kits were not used frequently 20 years ago as a result, and not many know that Inter ever had kits in orange.
In terms of style and accent color in terms of design and accent colors, in terms of the design and accent color, Nike Inter 2023-24 3rd jersey is similar to the jersey from 2000-01. The logo is black and grey details in the form that of front collars as well as the sleeves the cuffs.

The Orange Nike Inter Milan 2023-2024 third shirt will be launched in the summer of 2023.

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