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Nike Al-Nassr 23-24 Kits to Be Finally Launched

Nike Al-Nassr 23-24 Kits to Be Finally Launched

New version: There is a good chance that the Nike Al-Nassr 2023-2024 kits will be available shortly. It appears that the Al-Nassr shop was briefly shut offline today, likely to prepare for the release of the kit. Thank you to the @Nawaf_STATS for the video.
We are certain to see that the team will be the only one who can offer the kits. They won’t be sold through Nike or other retailers.

It’s been nearly 2 months now since Nike was named the official manufacturer of Al-Nassr’s kits and replaced the Saudi label Duneus. But, fans are not able to purchase on the brand new kit.

Al-Nassr continue to sell their older Duneus kits.

Despite having players such as Cristiano Ronaldo as well as Sadio Mane among their team, Al-Nassr are not yet an Nike top team, nor is it even a team that has particular treatment. Their uniforms are based on the standard Nike teamwear but with an additional designs that the club has added to it.
AL-NASSR is not yet a Nike Premium Team. It’s unclear what time the kit will become available for purchase, however most likely, the team will have to design the shirts themselves or with the assistance of a retailer. Since they’re not accustomed to dealing with this kind of demand and demand, it could take a couple of weeks or perhaps even months.
The club is at a less advanced level than the young boys of Zurich and SUNDERLAND.It may be that Nike offer Al-Nassr more attention in the 2024-2025 seasons however, at present the club is at the same level as smaller European clubs such as Zurich as well as lower, like Young Boys and Sunderland.

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