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Worst Football Kit of August 2023 – Vote Now

Worst Football Kit of August 2023 - Vote Now

The 2023-24 season of kit launches is now in its final stage and clubs are releasing new home and third kit. Along with it, come tests. Some of them were not so great We’ve collected a few of the most unfavorable kits from August 2023 that you can take a vote.


The most striking of the bunch in the pack is Adidas Fulham 23-24 kit, which features striking pink that is certain to be a standout. Also, the Adidas Leeds 23-24 Third jersey is an option, thanks to the odd combination of yellow and pink.

In contrast this grey Hummel Everton 23-24 Third Kit features an oversimplified tower. you’d expect this to be an element of the collar, but not the primary part of the kit.

The biggest clubs are represented – Milan’s modern design is something you’d not expect from an Italian club, while Tottenham’s Taupe Haze uniform is certainly not the best for playing football or watching your teammates.

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