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Source: Nike Brazil 2024 Home Kit to Be “Their Worst-Ever Kit”

Source: Nike Brazil 2024 Home Kit to Be "Their Worst-Ever Kit"

New version: We have received an account from a person who had seen the Brazil 2024 kit for the home, and is certain to cause controversy. The source we spoke to even claims that it’s “their worst-ever kit”. It features an “white graphic on yellow, creating a look that is hard to describe”.

In fact, the design that appears on the Brazil kit that we have been told by our source is quite pale yellow “Lemon Chiffon”. The pattern is certainly odd when paired with yellow as our two mock-ups demonstrate. Keep an eye on us as we wait to learn more on Nike Brazil 2024. Nike Brazil 2024 home kit.

Brazil 2024 Home Kit – 1st Mock-Up

The Lemon Chiffon on the Dynamic Yellow can be difficult to discern the pattern it’s actually it’s a Palmetto design here.

Brazil 2024 Home Kit – 2nd Mock-Up

In our next mock-up we decided to go with the palm leaf design.

We have leaked the first details regarding the brand new Brazil jersey for the 2024 Brazil home game and offer a preview of the way it will look complete. It’s made by Nike and is expected to be used during the 2024 Copa America. We would like to thank the dependable Gol de Sergio for providing the information.


This image showcases the colors of the brand new Nike Brazil home jersey for 2024. The Nike Brazil 2024 home jersey It could be fascinating. Although it is a traditional colour scheme that includes green and yellow, it also has a secondary quite mild yellow.

Its Nike Brazil 2024 football shirt shades are ” Dynamic Yellow / Lemon Chiffon / Green Spark “. Each of Dynamic Yellow as well as Green Spark have already been employed in Brazil’s most recent kits. However, Lemon Chiffon is a new one.

Nike Brazil 2024 Home Kit – First Mock-Up – Pale Yellow Piping

Lemon Chiffon is a very light shade of yellow usually used in the kit of Mexican Club America. Club America.

There is no way to know the way Nike integrates the light yellow hue, but it will look great in an ombre design.

There’s probably not a blue that will be used for Brazil 2024 Copa America’s home kit. Brazil 2024 Copa America home kit.

The Nike Brazil 2024 home football shirt is available for sale beginning in March/April 2024.

Look at the old Brazil kit designs on Football Kit Archive

Are you happy the fact that Nike employ a light yellow in Brazil’s national kit? Do you think that this pale yellow shade could be integrated into the Brazil kit? Leave a comment below.

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