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Exclusive: Adidas Italy 2024 Home Kit Prediction

Exclusive: Adidas Italy 2024 Home Kit Prediction

Footy Headlines may provide a precise prediction for what will be the Adidas Italy 2024 kit, which is the 2nd of the new Adidas time.

The Adidas Italy 2024 kit is expected to be worn at the EURO 2024 if Italy qualify to play in the event. Adidas was officially Italy’s maker of kits in 2023.


The Adidas Italy 2024 home jersey has a mixture of white and blue, and tricolor Three Stripes which are the most striking feature of the shirt.

Similar to many of the Adidas 2024 international kits the design was inspired by the original 2006 Teamgeist World Cup jersey and includes a white stripe along the side.

As with the away shirts Similar to the away shirt, the Adidas Italy 2024 home kit will likely to feature patterns based on the letters “I” from Italy. The design could represent a component of the top-quality Heat. material.

Adidas Italy 2023 Home and Away Kits

The Adidas Italy 2024 home jersey is available to purchase from March 2024 The replica priced at 100 Euro while the genuine version retails priced at 150 Euro.

What are your thoughts about the design possibilities for Italy’s home kit for 2024?

Adidas choose tricolor Three Stripes to create the Italy 2024 kit for the home.

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