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Giveaway: 100 GBP Credit on Old Football Kits

Giveaway: 100 GBP Credit on Old Football Kits

We’d like to inform you of the fact that Footy Headlines and Cult Kits have joined forces for a contest of 100 GBP worth of credit on their site.

It’s easy to participate in. All you have to do is follow @cultkits on Twitter and @Footy_Headlines on Twitter and also like this post. That’s it!

Cult Kits is known for their meticulously curated collection of vintage football kits. If you have credit for 100 GBP it is possible to purchase an old or classic football kits in their clearance area in one go.

We are aware that a lot of the Cult Kits’ older football shirts cost a lot and many people don’t want to spend the same amount. We advise taking take a look Cult Kits’ Clearance Section for some bargains.

Have a look Cult Kits’ offers of vintage football kits today.

Winners will be declared on the Sunday of the 10th of September.

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