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Mbappe and Dembele Shirt Number Mismatch in France & PSG

Mbappe and Dembele Shirt Number Mismatch in France & PSG

The most recent game that took place between France and Ireland is the first occasion that Ousmane Dembele as well as Kylian Mbappe had participated in international matches in a team at the club levels. It could be confusing the fact that they wear different jersey numbers to the clubs and the country, as discovered by experts in football squad numbers the @squadnos.

In France, Mbappe wears Number 10, however, he wears number 7 is for PSG. In contrast, Dembele is wearing the number 10 to represent PSG while wearing number 11 is for France.


Mbappe as well as Dembele are two of the important players for the French team. Both have donned the numbers 10, 11 jerseys, respectively, over the last few years.

10 – Mbappe

When Mbappe was invited to join the France team in year 2016-17, he donned the numbers 20 and 12 shirt, before switching to the shirt number 10 until the present day.

For the French team that year, the number 7 jersey was carried by Antoine Griezmann, a major French player of the day. This meant that Mbappe did not have the number 7, so he picked the number 10.

11 – Dembele

Dembele was wearing shirt number 12 during the first couple of weeks of his France call-up, before changing to the number 11, and he is still wearing it today.


In the case of PSG, Mbappe was given the number 7 shirt as Dembele received his number 10, soon following the departure of Neymar.

7 – Mbappe

Mbappe was number 29 in Monaco and donned the number during his debut season with PSG before switching to seven for the 2018-19 season 10- was played by Neymar.

10 – Dembele

The winger was a part of Paris from Barcelona in the off-season He was assigned the number 23 to wear to his initial club, Rennes. Neymar’s transfer into Saudi Arabia helped Dembele earn the number 10 shirt.

Dembele’s move permitted another France international player, Randal Kolo Muani, be able to wear the number 23 as the club signed him from Eintracht Frankfurt close to the closing of the timeframe for the transfer. Muani currently wears number 12 in France

What are your thoughts on the possibility the Mbappe and Dembele’s numbers on their shirt are for PSG and France do not match? Let us know in the comments in the comments section below.

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