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1860 München 23-24 Oktoberfest Kit Released

1860 München 23-24 Oktoberfest Kit Released

The 1859 Munchen Oktoberfest shirt is available this morning. It was designed for Nike that will available during the years 2023-2024. Liga.


This is the 1890 Munchen 2023-24 Oktoberfest football shirt that was designed by Nike.

The Nike TSV 1860 Munchen 2023-24 Oktoberfest jersey is a tribute to the Munich coat of arms. It has a white base with black and a yellow vertical stripes in the middle.

Nike Vaporknit 4 Football Kit Template

The Nike TSV 1860 Munchen 2023-2024 Oktoberfest shirt is inspired by that of the Nike Vaporknit IV template, Nike’s latest high-end football shirt.

The Nike TSV 1860 Munchen 23-24 Oktoberfest football shirt was condemned for lack of an allusion to the famed Oktoberfest not even the color scheme of the city of Munich. In the past, 1890 Wiesn kits from Uhlsport and Macron included 100% unique designs.

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It was designed by Nike. What’s your take on the 1859 Munich’s Oktoberfest shirt? Let us know below.

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