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Corinthians 23-24 Third Kit Leaked – Homage to Sócrates

Corinthians 23-24 Third Kit Leaked - Homage to Sócrates

SC Corinthians’ new 23-24 third shirt has been leaked which confirmed previous information. It’s the Nike Corinthians 2023-2024 third kit is a tribute to Socrates his influence on The “Diretas Ja” movement, which was a call to promote democracy and fair elections.50 YEARS AGO DIRETAS JA DEMANDED DIRECT ELECTIONS in BRAZIL


See Nike’s Sport Club Corinthians Paulista 2023-24 third football shirt in the gallery below.

The Nike SC Corinthians 2023-2024 third jersey features a yellow-ish primary color in recognition of Doutor Socrates the influence of his “Diretas Ja” movement. It is of the same yellow hue as the shirt Socrates was wearing when he declared, “I’m not leaving our homeland! “.

Diretas Ja [Direct (Elections) Now)It was an unrest-related civil movement which was active in 1983 and 1984 was a demand for direct elections for the president in Brazil.

It is based on the EXACT SAME TEMPLATES OF EUROPEAN Nike 23-24 Third Shirts ELITE

The Nike SC Corinthians 2023-2024 third football shirt shares the same design as other European Nike 23-24 Elite third jerseys. Additionally, it comes with Nike Grind logos.

Created by Nike. What do you think of this Sport Corinthians Paulista’s number three shirt?

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