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Exclusive: Adidas Argentina 2024 Away Kit Leaked

Exclusive: Adidas Argentina 2024 Away Kit Leaked

Version 1.0: Giving you an image of what it will look on the pitch. Adidas Argentina 2024 Away Kit will appear on the field We have designed the mock-up Lionel Messi wearing it. The pattern and the sides panel, specifically are influenced to the 2006. World Cup.

Furthermore also, the Adidas logo will become larger on Adidas kits beginning in 2024. This new model shows how the new Adidas logo would feel when you play.

There is a leak of some details about the Adidas Argentina 2024 away kit. It will bring back memories from the 2006 World Cup, Messi’s World Cup debut and iconic Argentina kits of the last century. It’s made by Adidas and will be used at 2024’s Copa America.


Take a look at Adidas’ Argentina 2024 away soccer shirt here.

The Adidas Argentina 2024 away jersey blends an emerald blue base and the colors of the flag of Argentina, the sky blue and white. The Adidas logo as well as the Three Stripes could be white and light blue. AFA Crest includes white and sky blue.

The blue shade that is featured in Argentina 2024’s away kit is similar to the blue color of Argentina 2024 home kit identical to the Argentina away kit until time when navy became the standard option. The badge for the Federation will be two-tone colors in white and sky blue.

The thing that is it that makes what makes the Adidas Argentina 2024 home jersey different is the fact that it evokes memories from that 2006 World Cup – the side is a Teamgeist-like design that features white and sky blue colors that are the colors of Argentina. Argentina flag.

The Argentina away kit of 2006 was used by Messi during the World Cup debut, and the 2024 away kit pays an obvious reference to the design.  

The shirt will be available from March 2024. it will be available from March 2024. Adidas Argentina 2024 football shirt is priced at $100 USD.

Are you a fan of Argentina’s brand new 2020 away shirt? Let us know below.

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