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No More TeamViewer From 2024-25: Manchester United Announce Qualcomm Snapdragon Kit Sponsor Deal

No More TeamViewer From 2024-25: Manchester United Announce Qualcomm Snapdragon Kit Sponsor Deal

Version 1.0 Update In confirmation of the reports, Manchester United have announced an agreement to sponsor the front of their shirt in partnership with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. The Snapdragon(r) logo will be featured at the back of the team’s iconic shirt starting from to the 2024-25 season..

Footy Headlines have envisioned what the Snapdragon logo might appear on Manchester United’s uniform Based on the official announcement photo of the partnership announced in the summer of 2022. The new partnership was announced in summer 2022. Manchester United just put an announcement on their website for press releases with no images.
United have not revealed the duration of the contract with Snapdragon. Snapdragon is the Manchester United Snapdragon football kit main sponsor contract is believed at 60 million pounds per season The same amount that Arssenal receive through Emirates in their recent extension contract.

Beginning in 2024/25 In 2024/25, Snapdragon will be Manchester United’s front-of-shirt sponsor and will be featured on the away, home and the third jerseys of both the women’s and men’s teams. Snapdragon is part from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. or its affiliates, and it is a registered trademark or trademark registered by Qualcomm Incorporated.

Manchester United are in advanced discussions about a front-of-shirt sponsorship deal with the U.S. tech company Qualcomm.


United have a long-standing relationship with Qualcomm which manufactures telecommunications hardware and semiconductors. The club announced a partnership in August 2022, to promote the Qualcomm Snapdragon company, which is the sole brand that powers the majority of the world’s top smartphones PCs, gaming consoles connected cars, and smart wearables.

In the 2022 deal Qualcomm also agreed to provide advice to United regarding planned upgrades to connectivity for mobile within Old Trafford to enhance the gameday experience for fans.

United are looking for a new sponsor for their front-of-shirt since TeamViewer which is which is a German software company, revealed in the year 2000 that it was not planning to renew its agreement with United for five years. The deal is with a value of PS47m one year, which began in 2021.
On December 1, United and TeamViewer have reached a mutually beneficial arrangement to close the contract. Manchester United can buy back the rights to the primary jersey sponsorship and will be looking for an alternative main sponsor.

Prior to TeamViewer, United had a PS64m-per-season agreement with U.S. automobile manufacturer Chevrolet which began in 2014.

Are you excited to see Qualcomm will replace Teamviewer for Manchester United’s brand new front-of-shirt sponsor?

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