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Outstanding Sparta Rotterdam 23-24 ‘Ode to the City’ Third Kit Released

Outstanding Sparta Rotterdam 23-24 'Ode to the City' Third Kit Released

In 1888 Sparta Rotterdam was founded in 1888 at Oostvestplein 11. In 1947 Robey Sportswear emerged from an apartment within the Blijdorp district. The solid Rotterdam connection is at the heart of their partnership that has been successful. Together they honor the city by wearing the third jersey that will be worn for the 2023-2024 football season. It is appropriately entitled ‘Ode To Rotterdam’.

The debut uniform of the “Ode to the City’ uniform has been scheduled on October 1, during the Rotterdam derby in which Sparta Rotterdam faces Excelsior.


See Robey’s Sparta Rotterdam 23-24 third jersey in the video below.

The Robey Sparta Rotterdam 2023-24 third shirt is proudly sporting the colours that are the colors of the Rotterdam flag. It features stripes that resemble the pattern of the shirt worn by the team. The logo in black is an homage to the previous season’s “Ode To the Night’ shirt.

Derek Otte’s poem “Our Stripes’ is the basis for this poem. Otte’s ties to Rotterdam can be seen through his writing, as are his poems adorning different spots across the city.

Robey wears his Sparta Rotterdam 23-24 third jersey along with white shorts, and a pair of hooped socks.

Created by Robey. Are you a fan of Sparta Rotterdam’s third kit? Let us know below.

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