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Inter Milan 23-24 Third Kit Leaked – Released Tomorrow

Inter Milan 23-24 Third Kit Leaked - Released Tomorrow

Version 1.0: As revealed through a countdown displayed on the club’s online store and the club’s website, the Inter 23-24’s third kit will go on sale in the morning at 9am tomorrow. The kit is scheduled to be unveiled in the match with Real Sociedad in the UEFA Champions League on Wednesday.

New version: We can leak images of a great promotional image for the Nike Inter 2023-24 third kit. We would like to thank UF.

Change: We have imagined what Inter Milan 2023-24 third kit would look like on the field. The 2000-01 kit was the inspiration for our design and the 2000-01 kit, we’ve put nobody but Andrea Pirlo wearing the same colors. The second clip shows Barella in the same kit.

2000-01 | 2023-24

Version 1.0 Update The designer the rglr (@rglrdesign) has created an illustration of what this Nike Internazionale 2023-2024 third kit is expected to look when it arrives in its authentic DriFit ADV model. Similar to similar Nike 2023-24 Elite Team third kits, it is adorned with Nike Grind emblems.


The image below shows the brand third jersey of the Nike Internazionale third jersey for 2023-24.

The Nike Inter Milan 23-24 third jersey has a timeless yet unique color scheme to The I Nerazzurri. It’s mostly orange together with grey and black.

Nike introduced orange-colored kits for Inter during the seasons 2000-01 and 2001-02. The kits weren’t worn frequently twenty years ago, therefore few people are aware Inter ever wore orange kit.

With regards to the design and the accent color, the Nike Inter 2023-24 3rd jersey goes back to the jersey from 2000-01. It features black logos as well as grey-colored applications that are part of the neckline as well as the sleeves’ the cuffs.

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