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Leaked: France EURO 2024 Home Kit Info + Prediction

Leaked: France EURO 2024 Home Kit Info + Prediction

Version 1.0: We can provide information on the update along with a prediction for what will be the France Euro 2024 home kit. The France 2024 kit for the home is designed the latest, more traditional color crest, and possibly tricolor components.The new home kit for France’s 2024 model color scheme was leaked by famous leaker Gol de Sergio . The shirt was designed by Nike and will be worn by the summer’s European Championship in Germany.

Home Kit for France 2024

This image showcases the colors and the possible design of the France 2024 national shirt designed by Nike.

The Nike France 2024 home shirt will mostly “Bright Blue” and will be a departure from the navy 2022 color scheme. Alongside this shade of blue, it will also include “University Red” as well as white.

The CREST MAY EVEN stand out in a ULTRA-LARGE Version

France Euro 2024 anthem jacket

Based on the colors leaked and the leak of the France Euro 2024 collection, France as well as Nike have decided to go with more of a classic Tricolor style in 2024 as in comparison to the gold/navy navy World Cup kit.

Nike which has been in France since 2011, has launched one home kit that was not navy to date, and that was in 2016.

The most striking thing in the France 2024 kits for home and away is most likely the design of the crest. In contrast to the monochrome look of the previous Nike France kits the Swoosh will debut a classic design of the iconic FFF logo.

As with the jacket that plays the national anthem There is a possibility it is possible that the Nike France 2024 home kit is likely to feature a large logo. The possibility is ruled out according to UEFA as well as FIFA regulations. The possibility of a massive France logo to come later.

The red socks and the white shorts are likely to complete the design of the newly launched France 2024 stadium by Nike.

It is expected that the Nike France 2024 home shirt will be available during March/April 2024.

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Are you interested in the potential style of France’s future 2024 strip of home? Let us know below.

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