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Milan 2024 125-Year Anniversary Kit

Milan 2024 125-Year Anniversary Kit

The year 2024 is when AC Milan and Puma will launch a special 125th anniversary shirt. Fans can cast their votes for various components of the kit – we can imagine where the jersey will be released with the various options of the voting to life.

The four options for AC Milan 2024 anniversary kit options are based off the stylish style of the RMCF kit designs. We made a few minor changes to the design, but only.

We utilized FIFA Kit Creator for the design and create this AC Milan 125-year anniversary kit. You can design the football kit of your choice using the incredible online tool.


Take a look at the colors that Puma’s Milan 2024 125th anniversary shirt below.

There are two alternatives in this Puma A.C. Milan 2024 125th anniversary jersey thin or thick stripes and the crest option (1899 as well as St. George’s Cross).

The four ideas we have presented show what the different possibilities for a Puma AC Milan 2024-year anniversary shirt could appear.

Footy Headlines Expect the thinner stripes as well as the logo of 1899 to be the best options to be used in the kits.

The Puma A.C. Milan 2024 125th anniversary jersey is scheduled to launch in 2024. We don’t anticipate the club to unveil the design they chose prior to the event, therefore it took a while before we could be able to see the final version.

Look at the old A.C. Milan kits on Football Kit Archive

Are you looking forward to the Milan 2024 125th anniversary kit? What would you have picked (thin/thick stripes and 1899/St. George’s Cross logo)? Write a comment below.


This Newcastle United Champions League home kit is similar to that of the Premier League home kit, apart from stripe design on back.
The reason Castore was required to take off the stripes on his back shirt was due to the UEFA Equipment Regulations.

This makes it easier for TV viewers and fans to determine the player’s numbers on their shirts.

However, the season’s Barcelona shirt does not require the stripe on the back of the shirt to be removed. Why?
The answer lies in the UEFA regulations regarding “Measurement of Color Contrast”.

At one time, Inter had no requirement stripes removed off their jerseys because they maintained the necessary contrast as required by UEFA regulations.

The past was when Inter didn’t have to take off the stripes off their jerseys because they continued to provide the required contrast in accordance with UEFA regulations.

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