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Manchester City 23-24 Esports Kit Released

Manchester City 23-24 Esports Kit Released

Manchester City’s brand new 23-24 Esports kit is out today. It was designed from Puma and was announced to the media by Kacee, FG, Threats, Skram, and Trippernn.

The brand new Manchester City 23-24 Esports kit will be worn by the squad during their different competition seasons and will also be which represent Man City Esports in the FNCS Global Championships (Fortnite).


Take a look at the Puma Man City 2023-2024 Esports shirt here.

The Puma Manchester City 2023-2024 Esports shirt is predominantly orange and has brown details and burgundy. the faint print of a pattern all over the body.

The Puma Manchester City Football Club 2023-2024 Esports shirt has been available from September 23 and retails at just PS60.

Made by Puma. Are you a fan of Manchester City FC’s Esports kit?

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