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Exclusive: Adidas Peru 2024 Copa America Home Kit Leaked

Exclusive: Adidas Peru 2024 Copa America Home Kit Leaked

Version 1.0: The Adidas Peru 2024 kit for the home will sport black numbers and names. The front numbers will be located on the front of the jersey. This is a model that shows the Peru 2024 kit, as worn by nobody else than the legend Paolo Guerrero.

We have exclusive access to the design of Peru’s brand new home kit in 2024. Adidas produces it and will be used during the 2024 Copa America.

The collar detail of the mock-up is exactly as per the leak from the beginning There isn’t a white space between the collar as well as the Adidas strieps.

We have also done our rendering – create your very own Adidas Kit with FIFA Kit Creator
We’ve been provided with a thorough description of the brand new Peru 2024 strip of home. Our model is accurate to 95%, as per our sources.


The shirt is Peru 2024 football shirt produced by Adidas.

This Adidas Peru 2024 home shirt is the traditional look of the nation that is projected onto the Adidas 2024 template. It’s white, with the iconic red Sash and two striking particulars.

The collar on the Adidas Peru 2024 home football shirt is decorated with a red/white/red stripe which extends across the back and middle. In addition The Adidas Peru 2024 shirt’s home is adorned with an red side panel.

The black Adidas logo along with an black font that rounds from the Adidas Peru 2024 jersey for the home team.

Look at the some of the most iconic Peru kit designs on Football Kit Archive

The Adidas Peru 2024 Peru home shirts is on sale beginning in March and April 2024.

Produced by Adidas. What do you think about Peru’s kit for home?

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