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Fluminense 23-24 Third Kit Released – Homage to Cartola

Fluminense 23-24 Third Kit Released - Homage to Cartola

Umbro are the official launch partner for the new Fluminense shirt, which will be available to be worn in 2023-2024. honoring the samba school Estacao Primeira de Mangueira, as well as samba player Cartola The club’s legendary supporter.

The official launch was on the 11th of October on the 11th anniversary of the birthday of Cartola who was a poet, and the founder of the school for samba that chose the colors for the club. Cartola was an Brazilian poet, composer, and singer who gained fame across the nation for his mastery of the samba. The 11th of October, 1908 Cartola was born Rio de Janeiro with the surname of Angenor of Oliveira.


It’s the brand latest Umbro Fluminense FC third football shirt, 2023-24.

Its Umbro Fluminense 23-24 third football shirt is a green shirt with pink cuffs, and an elongated collar in an allusion to Mangueira.

The body of the Umbro Fluminense 23-24 third football shirt, the lyrics to the hit song “Corre e olhe o Ceu” in 1974 are engraved within a font which resembles Cartola’s handwriting.

The collar on the brand-new Umbro Fluminense 2023-24 third shirt is the word Cartola which is stylized using Fluminense elements. It further emphasizes how the club is linked to and poet.

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Made by Umbro. What are your thoughts on the Fluminense FC’s 3rd shirt? Leave a comment below.

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