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24 Unique Hellenic League of Champions Kits Released

24 Unique Hellinic League of Champions Kits Released

Was football a popular sport in early Greece? The brand that makes soccer kits independently Icarus is imagining a fictional Ancient Greek football league and designed uniforms for the 24 clubs.

Icarus is a fashion-driven brand that was established in the year the year 2017 to supply teams with individual and creative clothing. Icarus had previously released limited edition historic kit to FC Stroitel Pripyat and a “Mesopotamian league” with the brand new Ancient Greece collection, they took it to a different more upscale level.


The Hellinic League of Champions Fantasy tournaments are located in the ruins of Greece. Every kit is created to represent the culture and history of the region in which the team is located. It is the largest selection Icarus FC has ever produced featuring 24 kit designs representing 24 fictional historical Greek soccer teams.

As per Icarus, “they’re as full of niche football callbacks as they are with references that’ll make any classics professor nod their head”.

  • FC Massalia
  • Helios Rhodes
  • Pimpleia
  • Olympic of Elis
  • Labyrinth Athletic Club Knossos (L.A.C Knossos)
  • Real Midas
  • Pella Makedon
  • Ares Sparta
  • FC Samos
  • Troy City
  • Paros FC
  • Taras FC
  • Dioskourias FC
  • Thrax Abdera
  • Kyrenaike United
  • Underworld FC
  • Delos FC
  • Naxos FC
  • Thebes FC
  • Mycenae
  • Scythian Archers
  • Fates
  • Kerameikos
  • Corinth

Every Hellinic League of Champions kit comes with its own significance, it is possible to go to Icarus FC to find out more.

The Hellenic League Champions kits are now available from October 10 and retail at 59.95 USD.

Are you intrigued by the concept of creating and launching football kits to an imaginary Ancient Greece football team? What are your thoughts on those 24, Hellenic League of Champions kits? Comment here.

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