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Incredible: Machine for Football Shirt Keychain

Incredible: Machine for Football Shirt Keychain

Do you have any thoughts of an automated football shirt keychain-making machine? @PLF_2008 has provided us with the solution.


This Japanese soccer kit keychain maker can design keychains inspired by the jerseys worn by the home Japanese teams starting in 1997 until today. You are also able to choose the shirt’s number and the name to be displayed on the reverse of the shirt.
The list of prices for this machine can be found the following:

  • Small size: Y=500 = 3.5 USD
  • Big size: Y=800 ~ 5.4 USD
  • Combo (both small and big) (both big and small): Y=1300 8.8 USD

The costs for Japanese keychains of soccer jerseys are also fantastic Keychains are available at just 3.50 USD (small)/5.50 USD (large). However, the downside is they are found in Japan.

The particular machine is situated inside one of the locations that belong to the Japanese retail chain Soccer Shop Kamoi in Tokyo, Shibuya. There are many more all over the city, and in throughout the United States However, there is no out of Japan.

Along with football boots, as well as football shirts can be an excellent source of inspiration to create unique key chains.

Do you enjoy this football keychain machine? Comment here.

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