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2024 Copa America Kits Overview – All Leaked Shirts & Info

2024 Copa America Kits Overview - All Leaked Shirts & Info

The 48th edition Copa America will be held in the USA in the coming year. We only have about 10 teams participating (the six teams of North as well as Central America will need to get into the tournament, as will the host USA) We have already had a peek at the kit for the 2024 Copa America.
2024 Copa America will take place between June 20 and the 14th of July in 2024 which means the winning team will play at the 2025 CONMEBOL UEFA Cup of Champions (“Finalissima”) in the final against those who were the UEFA Euro 2024 winner.

We have also provided information on the USA and Mexico kits even though neither team is fully qualified as of yet.


A few teams, including Mexico, Argentina, Peru (home) and Brazil (home exclusively) have had their kits leaked completely, and others, like Colombia and USA do not have any colorways made available.

There is also information on the kits for Uruguay, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, and Paraguay.

Argentina 2024 Home Kit

The Adidas Argentina 2024 shirt It features the traditional blue and white stripes. It also has golden logos, applications and a font that is gold.

Argentina 2024 Away Kit

The Adidas Argentina 2024 away jersey blends an emerald blue base and the colors of Argentina’s flag: the sky blue and white. The Adidas logo as well as the Three Stripes appear to be lighter blue. The AFA logo includes white and sky blue.

Brazil 2024 Home Kit

The Nike Brazil 2024 home jersey is a fascinating. It, naturally is a traditional colors consisting of green and yellow it also has a different light yellow.

Leaked: Nike Brazil 2024 Away Kit Info + Prediction

What is the accuracy of Corinth’s prediction? of Corinth? According to the designer and expert in kit design @hendocfc Corinth’s predictions are “quite off”. Keep an eye on us as we wait to learn more on the final design of this Nike Brazil 2024 Copa America away kit.

This Nike Brazil 2024 away jersey features a contemporary and vibrant style. This Nike Brazil 2024 away football shirt has a vibrant dark blue along with a lighter blue as well as the nation’s iconic yellow.

Peru 2024 Home Kit

This Adidas Peru 2024 home shirt features the iconic style of Peru which is projected on the Adidas 2024 template. It’s white, with the traditional red Sash and two striking particulars.

Mexico 2024 Home Kit

In contrast to the typical green color of the past, Adidas Mexico 2024 jersey is a combination of a maroon base, with grey on the logos. But, it’s not the first color to be used by Mexican national team. Mexican Mexico national soccer team.

Mexico 2024 Away Kit

The Adidas Mexico 2024 away jersey draws inspiration from Mexico’s cultural rich heritage as well as the future for the country and creates a captivating blend of modernity and tradition.

Colombia 2024 Copa America Home Kit Info Leaked + Prediction – First With All-New Logo

The Adidas Colombia 2024 Copa America home shirt is a light yellow shade, which is officially known as “Impact Yellow”. The details of the Colombia 2024 home shirt is available, however when we take a look at the other Adidas 2024 kits for the national team and kits, we can already get an idea of what it might look like.

Colombia 2024 Away Kit

The Adidas Colombia 2024 away shirt is the nation’s first black football player’s shirt. The Footy Headlines team isn’t aware of the color of the accent yet.

USA 2024 Home Kit

The latest information we have on our latest information about the Nike USA 2024 football shirt indicates that the shirt will have white and navy with white for the Swoosh. The shirt won’t be white as was initially believed.

Do you think that 2024’s Copa America kits known so this far? Do let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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