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Adidas Mexico 2024 Home & Away Kits Leaked

Adidas Mexico 2024 Home & Away Kits Leaked

New version: We have created mockups of the brand newly released Adidas Mexico 2024 home and away kits. The home version is interesting and officially labelled as “Multicolor” by Adidas, we anticipate it will sport multicolor patterns in dark maroon, shades of dark maroon and green as well as grey. Keep an eye on us as we try to see a more detailed view of Mexico’s 2024 kits shortly.

The look of Mexico’s 2024 away kit images of the brand updated Adidas Mexico 2024 home and away kits leaked on Twitter @TigresJersey. The image of the home is terrible quality, yet we do get an initial glimpse of the design as well as the colors.


As opposed to the traditional green that has been popular in recent times, the Adidas Mexico 2024 jersey is a combination of a maroon base, with a grey-colored logo. But, it’s not the first time a color has been used by Mexico’s Mexican Mexico national soccer team.

Mexico used to wear the red maroon kits for home shirt in the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s until they switched to green home kits after 1958.

A pattern that is all-over creates distinctive look to the Mexico 2024 kit for the home.

The template is the same, Mexico use the same design the same way as Argentina, Germany, and every other Adidas national teams.

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Mexico 2024 Away Kit

The Adidas Mexico 2024 away jersey draws inspiration from the rich Mexican culture and the future prospects for Mexico, which results in an enchanting fusion of tradition and contemporary.

The design is based on Alebrije. They are colorful Mexican folk art pieces of amazing creature.

Are you pleased with the latest Mexico 2024 kit for home and away? Let us know below.

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