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“Quirky Look”: Adidas Elite Teams 23-24 Winterized Jackets Released

"Quirky Look": Adidas Elite Teams 23-24 Winterized Jackets Released

In the winter seasons of the year Adidas has provided their top team (“Elite”) and proper equipment. Be aware that Adidas have quite a unique appearance.The Adidas 2023-2024 Winterized Jackets are now available to all Elite Teams: Manchester United, Juventus, Bayern Munich, Arsenal, and Real Madrid.


They are brand all-new Adidas Elite Teams Tiro 23-24 Winterized jackets.

Every one of these Adidas Tiro 23-24 Elite Jackets for Team Winterisation features colors that are inspired by the teams’ 23-24 third kits. the design is certain to draw interest during training as well as by fans.

Each logo is placed on the upper center of jacket, and are protected by the Three Stripes.The Adidas Tiro 23 Winterized Jacket is sold as a teamwear piece that is free of sponsors logos or club crests.

Adidas Tiro 23-24 Winterized Top template

  • Manchester United Tiro 23-24 Winterized Top
  • Juventus Tiro 23-24 Winterized Top
  • Real Madrid Tiro 23-24 Winterized Top
  • Bayern Munich Tiro 23-24 Winterized Top
  • Arsenal Tiro 23-24 Winterized Top

Made by Adidas. Do you like Adidas Elite Teams’s Tiro 23-24 winterized jackets? Let us know below.

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