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Unique Mexico ‘Día de Muertos’ Kit Numbers

Unique Mexico 'Día de Muertos' Kit Numbers

Mexico’s soccer team donned specific name-sets for the customary “Dia de los Muertos” festival during their recent match against Germany.


The Mexico Dia of Muertos’ nameset celebrate the tradition of Dia de Muertos festival in Mexico. Mexico Dia de Muertos namesets are adorned with a vibrant skull and leaf patterns specifically inspired by the Dia de Muertos festival.

“Dia of Muertos’ is a celebration of the dead that is held every year in the beginning of November in Mexico to honor deceased relatives as well as relatives.

In Mexico there is a belief that dead people remain in the memory of those who live They believe that they actually die when nobody is able to remember their names. Dia de los Muertos is when people who have died return to their homes.

What are your thoughts on this significant Mexican Dia de Muertos namesets? Leave a comment below.

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