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Barcelona to Wear ‘Rolling Stones’ Kit Logo in Clásico

Barcelona to Wear 'Rolling Stones' Kit Logo in Clásico

Barcelona will sport a shirt with The Rolling Stones’ iconic Tongue and Lips logo for the first time at the coming El Clasico in October 28.

The Tongue and Lips logo will appear on the back of the female jersey during this Liga F game against Sevilla on November 5 on 5 November at Estadi Johan Cruyff.


The logo of the British group is set to replace that of the Spotify logo that is on the FC Barcelona kit to celebrate the launch of their brand new album “Hackney Diamonds.”

It is believed that the FC Barcelona 23-24 Rolling Stones jersey isn’t sold out regularly. The kit is restricted to 1,899 jerseys. Prices will be extremely high (could be as high as 400 Euro) however, it isn’t yet announced. In addition, there will be an exclusive version with just 22 matchday jerseys that are available for purchase. They will include the top players of El Clasico and the Liga F match.

FC Barcelona x Rolling Stones

  • Rolling Stones’ iconic Tongue and Lips logo to be used Barcelona’s kit at El Clasico on 28 October (Women’s match against Sevilla on November 5)
  • The release party for the group’s new album “Hackney Diamonds.”
  • Only 1,899 jerseys. This comes at extremely high prices (could be higher than 400 euros)
  • 22 matchday jerseys are on sale for purchase. These are players who started El Clasico and the Liga F match
  • Limited edition of the lifestyle collection will also be released include the brand logos from The Rolling Stones, Spotify as well as Barca

Do you like the style that your favorite Rolling Stones logo on Barcelona’s kit?

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