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Exclusive: Germany Euro 2024 Home Kit Info Leaked

Exclusive: Germany Euro 2024 Home Kit Info Leaked

New version: We have brought our Germany Euro 2024 home kit prediction to life, significantly explaining how it compares with the home kit of the 2006 World Cup home kit.

It is possible to leak the first details about the new Germany Euro 2024 home jersey. Adidas create the Germany 2024 national kit obviously.

The Euro 2024 kit is taking place in Germany as well as the Adidas 2024 national team is an ode towards that of the Germany the 2006 World Cup.


The Adidas Germany 2024 football team’s home shirt is, naturally predominantly white. Adidas will likely to combine their Adidas DFB Euro 2024 home shirt with black Adidas logo, and more excitingly, the tricolor from the flag of Germany.

The tricolor design of the Adidas Germany Euro 2024 shirt comprises red, black, and gold (instead from the yellow on the flag of Germany).

Two options exist to how the tricolor will be included in the Adidas Germany 2024 shirt.

In the first place, and probably it is the tricolor that appears on the unique part of the side that is on the Adidas 2024 football shirts.

The second, and more likely today it is the Three Stripe have the tricolor comprising red, black and gold.

The Adidas Germany 2024 home shirt is expected to be on sale from March 2024. It will cost 100 euros.

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Are you impressed by the information we have about the German 2024 kit for home?

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