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FC Barcelona 23-24 Rolling Stones Kit to Cost 300 Euro

FC Barcelona 23-24 Rolling Stones Kit to Cost 300 Euro

FC Barcelona will wear a specially designed kit to face Real Madrid adorned with The Rolling Stones logo. All the essential information about the game has been released through Barcelona shirt collector @memorabilia1899 prices (300 euros) and launch date (Monday 23 Oct 2023) and the quantity (1,899 shirts) There are more information.


The Nike Barca 2023-24 Rolling Stones jerseys There are only 1,899 shirts. Each will be branded with a specific number that ranges from 01-1899 which represents the club’s historical origins. Nike the kit’s official maker, has made 1749 male as well as 150 female jerseys.

PRICE: EUR3,000 FOR exclusive MATCH-WORN JERSEYS 22 available. In every jersey, a distinct tag will provide information regarding the jersey’s location within the limited edition and the numbers range from 0000 to 1899.

The jerseys are available with a Dri-Fit Adv Match Version and are packaged inside a special box. The cost for each one of these items for collectors will be EUR300.

The club will also release an additional exclusive set of match-worn jerseys featuring The Rolling Stones logo. The exclusive jerseys will be only available on the official website. Within this collection of unique items of jerseys, there will be 11 match jerseys that have been signed by men’s teams as well as 11 match jerseys that have been signed by the women’s squad. These unique jerseys will be sold for EUR 3000.

Barcelona x Rolling Stones Kit

  • Limited Edition Just 1,899 Rolling Stones-themed FC Barcelona jerseys
  • Start The date is 23rd October, 2023
  • Each jersey is uniquely numbered
  • Nike is to create 1749 men’s jerseys as well as 150 women’s
  • Jerseys are packaged in commemorative boxes that come with an exclusive label inside.
  • The price for these items is fixed at EUR300
  • A set of exclusive match-worn, authentic jerseys for sale. Signed by both teams
  • A premium price of $3000 for the only match-worn jerseys

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The Barcelona Kit x Rolling Stones sponsored by Nike will be available on Monday, 23 October 2023. The kit is available only through the official Barcelona boutiques and Nike’s official website.

Do you believe that $300 to buy a football shirt is reasonable? Do you believe they’ll be sold out quickly and increase in value? Leave a comment below.

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