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Football Kits from Malaysia Are Criminally Underrated – Here is Why They Are So Good

Football Kits from Malaysia Are Criminally Underrated - Here is Why They Are So Good

The Malaysian Super League, or MSL is now the most sought-after soccer kits that captivate fans by their unique and original designs. In a time when soccer kits are frequently tangled in an ocean of commonality The MSL stands out as a shining example of quality and originality.The team has a vast experience in the art of creating football kits.


Football is the top-rated game in Malaysia as evidenced by the acclaim of the MSL. The league is a thriving and passionate following, that helps create an interest in high-end jerseys. This is the situation in a lot of countries, so there’s an additional reason Malaysian jerseys are on the top of the line.

One of the primary motives for the exceptional quality of Malaysian soccer kits is the region’s undeniable dominant position in sporting equipment. Particularly, giants of the industry like Nike manufacture a large part of their soccer gear throughout the region, and with more than forty percent of their workers located in Vietnam. Being close to Malaysia has led to an unrivaled knowledge of the production process for soccer jerseys.

Malaysian Super League – Unrivalled Image Diversity


What makes MSL sets them distinct is the wide array of local companies. In contrast to European majors often depend on standard models, Malaysia flaunts a thriving manufacturer’s ecosystem that leads to unrivalled variety and creativity.

Quality manufacturing at a high-end level that incorporates a design in the fabric of the shirt

The MSL provide a wide range of 13 distinct brands to their 14 teams. This ensures that none of the kits are similar.

Adidas, Puma, and Nike three of the biggest brands in the football clothing industry, all have the majority of their manufacturing facilities situated in Asia. This region has benefitted of the expertise and experience of these brands and investments, creating an ecosystem in which small businesses have emerged. It ensures the highest standards of excellence, which makes Malaysian products not only unique however top of the line.

We are football fanatics are, we frequently find ourselves thinking about what makes Malaysian soccer kits distinguish themselves.

What’s your opinion on the kits for football of the MSL?

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