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Limited-Edition Bury 23-24 Whiteout Kit Released

Limited-Edition Bury 23-24 Whiteout Kit Released

Kit news is coming that comes from the North West Counties Football League Bury FC released a special 2023-2024 Whiteout Kit. The kit is manufactured from Hope + Glory.

Hope + Glory are a business based in the UK that creates and create bespoke football kit and other training gear. They partner with professional league teams, and semi-pro amateur, grassroots, and semi-pro clubs to design and manufacture high-end customized sportswear for the team.

Buy the 23-24 Whiteout Kit

See Hope and Glory’s Bury 2023-2024 whiteout football t-shirt in the image below.

Like the title suggests it, the Hope and Glory Bury 23-24 whiteout football shirt is completely free of foils or other contrasting components. The shirt has a few little aspects that contribute to an elegant appearance.

The side in the Hope + Glory Bury 2023-24 Whiteout jersey, you will see a subdued picture of Bury and in the back, beneath the collar, you will find an all-white Silicone “SHAKERS” design.

The Hope + Glory Bury 23-24 Whiteout Jersey are available for purchase for $40 GBP until the Deadline 29 October 2023. After the window for pre-orders is closed at the end of October, the shirts will be made and delivered and expected to arrive by in around mid-December. The shirt is limited edition and includes a proof of authenticity and a unique “shirt code”.

The Hope-Made Glory. Would you wear Bury’s Whiteout jersey? Leave a comment below.

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