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No More In-House Kits – FC St. Pauli to Sign Puma Kit Deal

No More In-House Kits - FC St. Pauli to Sign Puma Kit Deal

The fans who have been around for a long time of FC St. Pauli may be nostalgic about the club’s past using Puma jerseys. The last time they were worn was from 1997 until 2000, before that from 1988 to 1990. The news has now been verified via Gol de Sergio that St. Pauli will be able back with Puma, after Bild first reported rumors about it. From 2021 onward in the year 2021, from 2021 onward, St. Pauli’s players wear their own brand of jerseys, DiiY, with remarkable successes. There is no official contract with an outfitter has been compensated by the massive selling of the jerseys.


The latest Puma St. Pauli kit offer will likely to fall on the second floor of Puma’s organization, just less than top teams yet with the same importance in the same way as teams such as Lens, Fenerbahce, and PSV Eindhoven. That implies that St. Pauli will get customized kits that can be purchased throughout Europe as well as beyond Europe.

Puma together with the soccer company 11teamsport has been associated to the Kiez club from the year the year 2020. Additionally, St. Pauli have launched the unique Future Z 1.4 soccer shoe.

In line with their branding, St. Pauli remain dedicated to one factor – sustainability. St. Pauli manager Bernd von Geldern stresses how important sustainability plays when it comes to their process of making decisions. The jury is still out whether Puma is going to release environmentally friendly kit kits for the team.

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Do you enjoy St. Pauli are returning to Puma jerseys? Let us know below.

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