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Outstanding Carp-Inspired Santos 23-24 Third Kit Released

Outstanding Carp-Inspired Santos 23-24 Third Kit Released

New version: Santos has officially released their 23-24 Third Kit which is a tribute to their rich heritage of ties with Japan. The shirt is designed by Umbro and is expected to be worn in their 23-24 Brasileirao.

New version: This is the new leaked photo from Santos’ third kit. Santos third kit, and it is slightly different from earlier leaked images regarding the collar and sleeves collar design. Thank you to @milnovecentos12 who provided the image.

The latest Santos third kit was revealed today.


It’s the brand latest Umbro Santos third shirt for 2023-24.

Umbro Santos 2023-2024 third jersey Umbro Santos 2023-2024 third jersey features a distinctive style that is that is inspired by Japanese culture, and the primary color is dark blue. It has a blue carp design along with a red border. The design is an ocean wave. The latter represents strength, endurance and perseverance in Japanese tradition.

The collar and sleeves of the polo are a solid dark blue with red trims around the shoulders. The sleeves have “JAPAN” printed on the cuffs to pay way to honor this nation.

The Santos logo has an eagle, which is a nod to the legendary footballer Pele who passed away in December.

The reason Umbro Santos 23-24 third shirt Umbro Santos 23-24 third shirt was influenced by Japan is due to the fact that Santos enjoy a strong relations with Japan. In the past, there have been 4 Japanese players have been part of Santos as well as the famous Kazu Miura.

Before, Dutch club Volendam FC has also drew inspiration from the eel in their away kit for 23-24.

Umbro blends the Santos 2023-2024 third shirts along with socks and blue shorts.

Produced by Umbro. What are your thoughts on Santos Third shirt? Let us know below.

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