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Argentinos Juniors 23-24 Third Kit Released

Argentinos Juniors 23-24 Third Kit Released

The 24th of October is the day that Argentinos Juniors celebrate the club’s greatest achievement, winning the Copa Libertadores de America in 1985. To commemorate this momentous occasion the team has unveiled their official third-kit for 2023-2024 which is designed to pay tribute to their rich heritage and the passion that has remained for their loyal fans.

The darker gray shade that is the Argentinos Juniors 23-24 third shirt appears different on different photos. The hue that the athletes wear is close to what they wear but the other photos of the launch event are too dark.


The shirt is Argentinos Juniors 2023-24 third shirt produced by Umbro.

The Umbro Argentinos Juniors 23-24 third jersey is a dark gray jersey with an contrasting design at the top. This image is a visual tapestry with intricate artwork and club badges. It also contains significant dates, and references to iconic locations in La Paternal and a tribute to the legends of the past who created a lasting impression in the history of Argentinos Juniors.

The Umbro Argentinos Juniors 2023-2024 third jersey features the iconic red band across the chest. It is presented in an elegant retro style, with a grunge visually appealing component.

The grunge look adds an individual touch thanks to it’s broken images, stains as well as hand-drawn illustrations with rough texture.

On the left of the Argentinos Juniors 23-24 third kit The alternate crest decorated with gold stars, to symbolize the club’s long and rich story. On the reverse it displays it’s the Umbro logo is printed in gold.

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The Umbro Argentinos Juniors 2023-24 third football shirt isn’t on sale for purchase at this time, however it is expected to be on sale in the near future.

Created by Umbro. Do you like the Argentinos Juniors’ third kit? Write a comment.

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