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No Adidas? Uruguay to Stay With Puma?

No Adidas? Uruguay to Stay With Puma?

Uruguay’s national soccer team has been the subject of recent media attention amid reports that they will quit Puma which is their present kit sponsor.

URUGUAY CAN STICK TO the PUMA despite reports of a split

There were rumors that the possibility of a Puma withdrawal from Uruguay came to light after news reports suggested that the owner of the brand wouldn’t extend their contract. But, new information from Gol de Sergio indicates that the team could keep Puma.

Puma has Uruguay’s home and away kits 2024 in stock and are available for retail stores that are independent to purchase.

It’s possible another company like Adidas may take over It’s more likely that Uruguay x Puma will continue.

Are you happy that Puma might remain Uruguay’s kit manufacturer? Do let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.

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