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Atlético Wear Special Kit vs Celtic

Atlético Wear Special Kit vs Celtic

Changes: Like 50 years back, Atletico wore red/blue/red against Celtic. As per reports, the switch was also a result of an incompatibility with Celtic’s green and white kit. Footy Headlines has received confirmation that Atletico also wear an alternate navy kit however they chose to go with red, blue and red like they did during the season 1973-94.

The update: Atletico Madrid have released images of their special shirt that will be worn against Celtic. The shirt is identical to the kit that was specially designed for the 2021-22 season but with a different sponsor, and not sporting the logo of the 75th anniversary. With the use of red, Atletico pay homage to the team’s red uniform worn during the famous game against Celtic fifty years earlier.

The match was a historic one that is known as the ‘Battle of Glasgow’ Atleti battled against Celtic and Celtic with just eight players playing at time-out, resulting in to draw 0-0.

The team plans to pay tribute to this momentous occasion with a red shirt along with blue pants as well as red socks, similar to what they wore in 1974. The gesture signifies the appreciation of those who played in the match as well as the history of the club.

“This is a source of pride today, just as it did with joy back then, and not just for the reason that we defended Atletico de Madrid, but in addition, for those such as Reina, Melo, Irureta, Garate and myself, it was the exact colors we played together with our Spanish team. This semi-final was a very special one as we just had been crowned the League in the previous year and were able to eliminate a European champion in a great time in our lives,” says Adelardo himself wearing the captain’s armband during those memorable evenings.

Atletico has released a limited-edition fifth kit celebrating the 75th anniversary during the 2021-22 season.

We’re expecting something like that in terms of design, even if it’s not exactly similar to the design on Wednesday’s match.

Are you a fan of Atletico honoring such an iconic game, by sporting the only kit of its kind? We’d love to hear your opinions in the comment section below.

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