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Finally: Chelsea 23-24 Kits With Infinite Athlete Logo Available to Pre-Order

Finally: Chelsea 23-24 Kits With Infinite Athlete Logo Available to Pre-Order

A little over a week after the official announcement of the agreement, Chelsea Football Club have recently opened pre-orders on a few of their 2023-2024 jerseys that are now sporting an Infinite Athlete logo. The items available for pre-order include genuine home, all third and goalkeeper models. According to the site it is expected to arrive sometime around the 8th of November on Wednesday in 2023.

Nike does not offer Chelsea’s Kits with the INFINITEATHLETE LOGO However, they do not offer the Infinite ATHLETE LOGO.

Nike doesn’t offer Chelsea’s football kits sporting logos such as the Infinite Athlete logo yet. Additionally, there is no independent retailer offering an option of having sponsors’ logos on their kits as of yet.

12 Oct 2023 Strange? Chelsea 23-24-23 Kits With Infinite Athlete’s Logo aren’t In Stock

It’s been more than two months from the time Chelsea Football Club announced their collaboration in partnership with Infinite Athlete for the 23-24 season. However, fans will have a hard time getting the new kits that will be sponsored by the new company.

CHELSEA FANS STILL have to wait for the 23-24KITS’ launching with INFINITE ATLETE SPONSORSHIP

Even though Chelsea has not yet revealed a release date for 2023-2024’s kits that feature the Infinite Athlete logo, they appear to know that fans are anxiously waiting for the arrival of the kit – which is why the bold red text on their website.

Chelsea announce they will announce that Infinite Athlete kits will be accessible from select retailers and official clubs outlets “in the very near in the near future”.

It is strange to observe that it took Chelsea the time it takes to print the logo of their sponsor on their kit. The agreement was made for a number of weeks, but was only put off due to the lack of approval of the Premier League.

Footy Headlines expect Chelsea to release their “Infinite Athletic Kits” accessible for purchase in October, 2023. There aren’t numerous independent retailers to have these kits. We’re impossible to know if Nike will carry them.

Are you shocked at how long it took Chelsea for so long to create their Infinite Athlete sponsor logo available?

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