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No More In-House Kits – FC St. Pauli Sign Puma Kit Deal

No More In-House Kits - FC St. Pauli Sign Puma Kit Deal

The latest update: St. Pauli has officially announced that they’ve concluded a partnership with Puma returning after 24 years. Also, 11teamsports will remain the only finishing partner. It is yet to be determined whether St. Pauli will get exclusive, bespoke clothing from Puma.

The collaboration with FC St. Pauli and Puma puts a major emphasis on the importance of sustainability. They will release St Pauli 2024-2025 training kits as well as uniforms will be created of recycled materials, which will demonstrate their dedication to circularity and the circular economy.FC St. Pauli’s name, DIIY, will continue to be used on special occasions and for special events. Often, it is as a partnership with Puma.

FCSP president Oke Gottlich highlighted the significance in this collaboration, saying, “For FC St. Pauli this partnership with Puma will increase awareness, more collaborative possibilities as well as enhanced stability for the economy by establishing a brand that is globally recognized. The ambitious sustainability targets we have set could not have been achieved without a partner of this magnitude, or could have required substantial risk-taking on the part of entrepreneurs.”

In addition, PUMA are also relocating an important portion of FC St. Pauli’s clothing production to Europe (Turkey, and a brand new facility located in Portugal which will benefit from structure and knowledge gained from FCSP merchandise and DIY.

  • St. Pauli have signed an agreement with Puma to play in the 2024-2025 seasons and beyond. No length has been announced.
  • DIIY FC St. Pauli’s name continues to exist on special occasions and could even be specific kits
  • Training attire and the kits will be constructed from recycled fabric
  • Puma Pays close to 2 millions euros a year
  • Puma have announced that they will move a large section of the FC St. Pauli’s clothing production to Europe

21 October 2023 There will be no Additional In-House Kits FC St. Pauli to sign a Puma Kit deal

FC St. Pauli and PUMA team up for a long-term collaboration that emphasizes sustainability and common values. This partnership set new standards for recycled textiles and circular economy concepts and strengthens FC St. Pauli’s dedication towards a more sustainable future.

Pauli may remember fondly the history of the club through Puma jerseys. The last time they were worn was from 1997 until 2000, prior to 1988 until 1990. It has now been verified through Gol de Sergio the fact that St. Pauli are going back to Puma, After Bild first started spreading rumors, it. From 2021 on the from 2021 onward. Pauli’s players wear the brand’s name, DiiY, with remarkable success. In the absence of an officially-approved outfitter contract was compensated by the massive sale of these coveted jerseys.


The brand new Puma St. Pauli kit is expected to fall at the second level of Puma that is lower than the top teams, but having the same value as well-known teams such as Lens, Fenerbahce, and PSV Eindhoven. That implies that St. Pauli will get individual kits which are available for purchase throughout Europe as well as out of Europe.

Puma along with the soccer company 11teamsport has been associated in the Kiez club since the year 2020. Additionally, St. Pauli have launched the special Future Z 1.4 soccer shoe.

Like their own label, St. Pauli remain determined to adhere to a key factor – sustainability. St. Pauli manager Bernd von Geldern insists on that sustainability is a key factor within their process of making decisions. It is yet to be determined whether Puma will launch environmentally-friendly kits for St. Pauli.

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Do you enjoy St. Pauli are returning to Puma jerseys? Let us know below.

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