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Finally: Fixed Authentic Adidas Arsenal 23-24 Home Shirt Available in Asia, Europe & USA to Follow Shortly?

Finally: Fixed Authentic Adidas Arsenal 23-24 Home Shirt Available in Asia, Europe & USA to Follow Shortly?

Version 1.0 Update The time has come to update HTML0: 4 months since the fans spotted that the first authentic Arsenal 2023-2024 kit featured the incorrect number of games in the season that was not visible. It was only 32 games rather than 38 games as was the case. The manufacture of the fix Adidas Arsenal 2023-2024 genuine home kit appears to be complete The kit is now sold in several Asian countries, such as Singapore.

The kit will be until the last day of November to become accessible in the USA as the shirts will need to be shipped out of Asia. The kit could be released sooner in Europe however we do not have no precise date as of yet.

Changes: A corrected copy of the Arsenal 23-24 Home shirt issue is now available for purchase from JD Sports (pictured here by Alex Harris and shared by the hashtag #arsenalshirt). We’ve highlighted the game results, and there are 38 games on display right now. The shirt is still not sold at Arsenal Direct or Adidas but should arrive soon as well. It’s amazing to observe the speed with which Adidas have been to fix the mistake.

August 2023: Arsenal Still Wear Wrong 23-24 Home Kit

Update: This Adidas Arsenal 2023-2024 kit for the home is currently not available in the original version. The team that started the season are in the process of sporting the incorrect shirt, having only 32 out of 38 matches. This indicates that it will continue to take quite some amount of time (certainly several weeks) to Adidas to get their shirts prepared. A big thank you to @ArsenalShirt Thanks for the comment.

Updating: Adidas has put an end to the sale of their Arsenal 23-24 Home Kit in the original version due to the absence of six games from the Invincible Season in the panel on the side. There has been no formal declaration issued on the issue as of yet.

The kit that is available on the Arsenal website is now “Sold Out” in all sizes.

A critical and surprising mistake has been found in the Adidas Arsenal 23-24 home kit by Arsenal fan @arstaoly Later, it was and later by @ArsenalShirt as well as other fanatics.

The news was brought to light as observant fans spotted that the jersey’s tape had only 32 wins/draws (wins/draws) which was a fraction of the total list of 38 games in the legendary Invincible season. The lack of games has brought up concerns about whether this is an error by Adidas or the manufacturer of the shirt or an intentional choice by Arsenal.

There is no mistake in the size of the shirt as there are dots that divide from the pattern.

The difference is apparent in missing the four final matches of the season, with draws in Portsmouth as well as Birmingham. In addition, two wins during the club’s winning streak of nine games (games 21-30) are also missing. These results that are not there are depicted by the missing six letters which should have been included on the video.

Arsenal fans have voiced their displeasure and anger and displeasure, sharing their personal experience of improperly taped on their jerseys. One person complained that their shirt has “WWWWDD” instead of the exact “WWWWWWDD,” indicating that the information is just wrong. The difference is especially significant because the product is listed by the official site as a representation of the undefeated 2003-2004 Invincible year, which comprised 26 wins and 12 draws.

It is yet to be determined how Arsenal and Adidas will discuss this issue and offer a solution or fix for fans who want an accurate depiction of the Invincible season printed on their shirt.

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What are you thinking the causes are that led to this mistake? Tell us in the remarks below.

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