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Chelsea 2024-25 Third Kit Info Leaked

Chelsea 2024-25 Third Kit Info Leaked

The first details about the Chelsea FC third 2024-25 football shirt was leaked by Gol De Sergio . Naturally, it’s manufactured by Nike however, it has distinct Swoosh design than normal.


The image shows the color scheme of the upcoming Nike Chelsea third football shirt for 2024-25.

The Nike Chelsea FC 2024-25 third jersey features black and grey as the primary colors along with bright pink and yellow accents.

Officially, the colors are “Anthracite/Black/Opti Yellow/Pink Prime”.

The main feature in the Chelsea 23-25 kit is their upside swoosh which is a brand new style from Nike to bring a pop of color on their 23-25 third kit.

Chelsea 2024-25 Anthem Jacket

Chelsea 2024-25’s anthem jacket features similar colors to the 24-25 kit. This Chelsea 24-25 anthem shirt is mostly black and grey, with pink and yellow horizontal stripes running across the collar. The side Swoosh appears yellow on the big Swoosh while the pink one is on the smaller Swoosh.

A little bit different, the traditional logo is replaced with the famous Lion of the Chelsea Crest, which adds some fascination and excitement to the kits. It’s identical to Adidas’s design for their third kit of the season.

Explore the complete collection of Chelsea kits available on Football Kit Archive.

The Nike Chelsea FC 2024-25 third jersey is on sale from July / August 2024.

Do you like Chelsea’s recent 24-25 third-color uniform? Let us know below.

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