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How 24-25 Kits Could Look

How 24-25 Kits Could Look

Although the 2023-24 season is barely 2 months old there’s already numerous leaked photos as well as information on the kit of the top teams during the season of 24-25. According to leaks we have, FIFA graphics modder @Rode1Kits has made mock-ups for FIFA 23 kits to see how they will look.


The 24-25 concept kits have been developed based on details leaked of Footy Headlines to give you the most accurate design.

  • Manchester United 24-25 Home Kit
  • Barcelona 24-25 Home Kit
  • Chelsea 24-25 Home Kit
  • Chelsea 24-25 Away Kit
  • Newcastle x Adidas 24-25 Home Kit
  • Liverpool 24-25 Away Kit

Are you interested in seeing these kits become reality? Please let us know via the remarks below.

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