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Adidas and Bugatti to Release Football Collection

Adidas and Bugatti to Release Football Collection

New: Adidas have revealed a teaser trailer for the coming Adidas Bugatti football line. The teaser confirms it is expected that it will be available for purchase on the Adidas Bugatti collection will be unveiled the the 1st of November, 2023 The collection is definitely one of the football boots that will be packaged with the form of a carbon-fiber(like?) box. It’s a matter of color there are two options. The special Adidas x Bugatti cleats are black and blue.

A sly move Bugatti, the world-renowned automaker, along with Adidas the sporting goods giant has teased a new football-themed collection.


This unforeseen Adidas x Bugatti collaboration was initially mentioned in the name of Bugatti through the official X platform. It was later confirmed on the official X platform by Adidas Football, sparking anticipation as well as speculation among both the fans and those who are interested.

So far the official products of this collection are available for sale. The specifics of this collection remains unknown – it likely contains football boots or more likely football equipment.

Football Headlines will be exploring the possibilities that Bugatti and Adidas will be bringing us in the near future. Check back for more news and information about the Bugatti Adidas football line.

Soccer boots? Kits for football? Perhaps other things? What do you think of Adidas Football x Bugatti?

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