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Unique Köln 23-24 Carnival Kit Released

Unique Köln 23-24 Carnival Kit Released

A year after the first Carnival shirt was released, Cologne x Hummel launched the Koln 2023-2024 Carnival Kit with a distinct look and feel.


This is the brand new Hummel Koln Carnival football shirt that is available for the 23-24 season.

Hummel Koln 2023-2024 Carnival jersey Hummel Koln 2023-2024 Carnival jersey is a wild style with the primary color of white, paired with yellow and red accents. It features yellow and white patterns interspersed, as you get closer toward the bottom the white stripes transform into red stripes which are quite distinct.

The carnival’s motto for this year “Wat e Theater Wat e Jeckespill” appears on the outside part of the neck.

The Hummel Koln 2023-2024 Carnival jersey is on sale since the 30th of October with a price of $90 EUR.


It’s the brand all-new Hummel Koln GK Carnival Jersey from 23-24.

Its Hummel Koln 2023-24 GK Carnival jersey has similar design to it’s Hummel Koln 2023-2024 Carnival jersey. However, the color of white is changed to blue.

Starting on October 30, The Hummel 1. FC Koln 2023-2024 GK Carnival shirt costs 90 EUR.

Made by Hummel. What are your thoughts on 1. FC Koln’s Carnival jersey? Let us know below.

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