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Exclusive: Adidas Italy 2024 Jacket Leaked

Exclusive: Adidas Italy 2024 Jacket Leaked

The first official photos and information leaked about the Italy 2024 jacket. It’s made by Adidas and is a striking style.


This image showcases the latest Adidas Italy jacket that will be available in 2024.

The Adidas Italy 2024 Anthem jacket has white as the base color that is complemented by blue, red and green accents, which are the traditional color scheme for Italy. Italian flag.

The Italy 2024 national anthem jacket comes with an attractive blue side as well as a the sleeve panels. The Adidas logo appears in an attractive gold hue and the standout feature is the tricolor design across the shoulder. It is in red/green while the rest of the colors being blue or white.

The Italy 2024 jersey is in the same color as the 2024 away kit we first leaked.

The Adidas Italy 2024 Anthem jacket will be available in April 2024 to May 2024.

Are you a fan of the latest Italian 2024 national anthem jacket? Leave a comment below.

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