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Red Bull Allow Bragantino to Bring Back 1990s Kit Design for 23-24 Third Kit

Red Bull Allow Bragantino to Bring Back 1990s Kit Design for 23-24 Third Kit

A move that has been lauded by the fans, Brazilian club Bragantino, their kit provider New Balance and their owner Red Bull bring back the style of the iconic club’s 90s-era shirt, also known as”Carijo” “Carijo”.

Following the acquisition from Red Bull, Bragantino changed the colors of their crest and colors like other teams that are owned by the company that makes energy drinks. This new change gives Bragantino fans and the team to at least a portion of their past.

The Red Bull Bragantino third shirt might be the last shirt created by New Balance for RB Bragantino. The new contract between New Balance and Sao Paulo FC provides for exclusivity. This means the Red Bull Bragantino are looking for a new sports equipment partner, and they will be wearing the brand through the middle of the next year.


It’s the Red Bull Bragantino 2023-24 third football shirt manufactured by New Balance.

The New Balance RB Bragantino 23-24 third shirt is mostly black with the famous checkered gradient pattern that begins at the chest area and growing visible toward the lower hem.

The neck of the New Balance RB Bragantino 2023-24 third jersey is the standard New Balance design to match the current season. It has the neck and top part red. It’s the same shade as the serrations on the left side. New Balance prints its NB logo in red, on the right part of the chest as well as its Red Bull Bragantino badge is located on the left as it is in the current version.

Leandro MORAES, the brand’s director of New Balance, said, “One of the goals for New Balance is to tell great stories across all of the regions that it operates in as well as being able to do this with a reinterpretation of a classic shirt as the Carijo aligns with our ideas of. We are aware of the immense love and devotion of Red Bull Bragantino fans have in their love for this iconic team icon and for New Balance, therefore it was a huge challenge. required a great deal of emotions, longing and a sense of nostalgia”.

Andre Rocha, executive director of Red Bull Bragantino, explained, “Rescuing the Carijo shirt is an exclusive gift we offer our Massa Bruta fans in this amazing moment the club is enjoying within Brazilian football. The Carijo shirt is part of the history of our club and represents our heritage in the most positive possible way in addition to being an iconic symbol of Braganca Paulista. Braganca Paulista. The uniform links both the past and present and we’re sure that it will give us glory for the future”.

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Created by New Balance and is a 90s-themed tribute. Are you happy of the third Red Bull Bragantino shirt? Leave a comment below.

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