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Tottenham 2024-25 Third Kit Info Leaked

Tottenham 2024-25 Third Kit Info Leaked

The initial information about this Nike Tottenham 2024-25 third kit was published via Gol Sergio. The product is produced by Nike however it has an entirely different logo than the usual.

TOTTENHAM HotSPUR 2024-25 Third Kit

This image showcases the colors of the brand new Nike Tottenham Hotspur FC third football shirt in 2024-25.

The Nike Tottenham Hotspur FC 2024-25 Third Jersey is a mint-green primary color, with light and dark green accents.

Officially, the colors are “Enamel Green/Bicoastal/White”.

The standout feature that stands out in this Spurs 23-25 Third Kit is an Swoosh that’s upside down which is a brand new style from Nike that adds a glam in their 24-25 third kit.

Tottenham 2024-25 Anthem Jacket

This Tottenham 2024-25 shirt with the anthem is in reverse similar to their third kit for 24-25 and features a dark green background with some minty green highlights. The main feature of the shirt is the up-side Swoosh as well as the Spurs logo. It has been designed in a timeless design.

The SPURS 2024-2025 Third Kit PROBABLY features a CLASSIC-INSULATED LOGO

There is a good chance that the traditional-inspired Spurs logo will appear in the Tottenham 2024-2025 third kit.

Tottenham 2024-25 Winterized Jacket

Find the complete collection of Tottenham third kits in the Football Kit Archive.

The Nike Tottenham 2024-25 third shirt will launch in the months of July and August 2024.

Are you impressed by the initial information concerning the new Tottenham 24-25 uniform? Let us know below.

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