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Adidas Launch “Black Consciousness” Kits for 3 Brazilian Teams

Adidas Launch "Black Consciousness" Kits for 3 Brazilian Teams

To celebrate Black Awareness Month in 2023, Adidas has partnered with Laboratorio Fantasma to launch a new line of clothing to support Brazilian team soccer. The line includes three sponsorship teams: Atletico Mineiro, Cruzeiro, and Internacional.

Brazil Every year, on the 20th of November, observes Black Awareness Day, also called Black Consciousness Day (Portuguese: Dia da Consciencia Negra). This day is observed to celebrate the tremendous value and contributions to the black community of Brazil and also to raise awareness and appreciation of their cultural richness.


The brand new Adidas Internacional, Cruzeiro & Atletico Mineiro 2023 exclusive kits have a cream-colored background and an intricate pattern across the body. The design is that is inspired by various types of braids across history and reinterpreting these images in the design of the shirt.

We’re sure you’ve observed that the logos for each team’s uniform are identical, but use different accent colors with each team’s signature color.

In terms of design, Adidas mixes an old 2022-23 design with its trademark Three Stripes logo that is now exclusive to the brand and the latest Aeroready tag. Inside the collar is adorned with the original Adidas logo as well as “End Plastic Waste” text.

Atletico Mineiro

The specially designed Adidas Brazil black Consciousness Kits will be worn by teams wearing white shorts and socks that match the hue of the team.

Adidas would like R$329.99 (65 USD) for these special kit, only sold exclusively in Brazil.

What are your thoughts on the new Adidas shirts designed for Black Consciousness 2023? We’d love to hear your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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